Ableton Live has been fundamental in the creative breakthrough I have experienced as an artist and musician over the past few years, and one of my highest excitements is to pass this knowledge on to others who are wanting to create.

With the advent of Ableton Live, musicians now have the ability to compose, produce, perform, and INVENT like never before. This software is the most powerful multi-purpose tool that music has ever seen.  Where previously we were instrumentalists or songwriters – we now have the tools and freedom to become sound designers, engineers of new instruments, unique live performers, and truly use our creativity to re-imagine how we make music. It’s all right here at our fingertips – and absolutely anything is possible.


Ableton Beginners Course

An 8 week short course designed to give you an immediate understanding of music production

Get the confidence to create and finish your own tracks

Gain skills that usually take 2+ years of self directed learning to attain

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Ableton Beginners Course

For those who are ready to take their skills to the next level, the Advanced Course is available to help you move ahead with your creative journey

Designed as a follow-on from the beginner course, the Advanced Course goes more in depth, and sees your production skills greatly enhanced and refined

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Ableton Beginners Course

A monthly 6 hour drop-in style session wherein you can come and work on your tracks whilst receiving direct coaching & input from a professional electronic music production educator

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Ableton Beginners Course


In-person or online private sessions through which to develop your skills, refine your vision, and recieve coaching + direction for your work. 

Individual training on specific topics such as mixing, or produce + mix your music together in session with me 

Be sure to investigate my art, for examples of the knowledge I can share with you.


Group courses are held at Donald St Community Hall, 18 Donald St, Preston.

1:1 sessions are taken from one of two SNEDlab studio locations: Wewak pde. Heidelberg West, or Ramleh Rd. Reservoir

Connect with me via phone or email and let’s get your creativity moving forward.


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