I am a multi-genre multi-instrumentalist specialising in Ableton Live electronic production, live electronic fingerdrumming, electric bass, upright bass, guitar.

Once upon a time I graduated from a Bachelor of Music (Jazz, performance) at the University of Canterbury as a bass guitar major. In years since, I have performed as a live musician and electronic producer in a multitude of projects across a great diversity of genres, in both my original home of Aotearoa New Zealand, and my new home of Melbourne.

Through recent years, I have embarked on a great adventure of exploring a profound lifelong fascination for electronic music. In particular, this exploration has been geared around limit-pushing forms of live electronic music performance – new forms of electronic controllerism that allow music to be created and performed in ways that were not possible just a few short years ago.

The vehicle for this exploration has been Ableton Live – which is, in my experience, one of the most fundamentally groundbreaking pieces of musical technology yet invented. 

This software truly is an instrument – a tool which allows you to fluently create music with ease in ways that were previously impossible, whilst inventing and developing your own unique, personalised instrument systems and methods of performance. It is a vehicle through which to harness your innate, natural creativity.

We live in a golden age of music right now, and as always, our technology helps us push our creative horizons.

I am passionate about sharing knowledge of this incredible tool. Through tutoring music production with Ableton Live, I have witnessed hundreds of students unlock their musical creativity.

Following more than a decade of teaching jazz guitar and bass, music production tuition then became a focus.

Many years of in-person 1:1 Ableton Live tuition led towards my work designing and hosting Australia’s first Ableton Live centric CertIV in Music Industry qualification, from 2017-2019 at Oxygen College in Geelong

Currently, I run in-person group courses from various venues in the nothern Suburbs of Melbourne, and take 1:1 students for private tuition from my Coburg North studio. 

I am also available for tuition in more specialised realms of music production, including mixing / mastering techniques, live performance rigs and stage setups, individual musical development and general creative coaching. 

                     Tutoring Ableton Live @ Oxygen College

Below you will find a podcast I’ve previously featured on, exploring the topics of creativity and musicianship:
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