Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass & Music Production Lessons

Tired of that plateau or hitting a brick wall? Not sure where to start?
Whether you are a total beginner or more advanced, private lessons will get results.

Music lessons are available in Melbourne or online.

Music is not intrinsically hard – it’s just unfamiliar!


I studied Jazz performance at university, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music – majoring in electric/double bass. I play, perform and teach guitar, bass guitar, double bass and Ableton Live electronic music production. Over the past 15 years, I have taught students of all ages with a wide range of musical tastes and engage in the kind of tutoring relationship that ensures solid results. I will guide you step by step, in a supportive and FUN environment.

I guarantee that if you stick to regular practice of the things we study together, you will see results and experience a remarkable improvement in your abilities. Tuition really works 🙂


You will be calmly assisted along your path, in an expectation free and reassuring environment that maximises the intake of information. Everyone learns differently and I am interested in how you learn and what you need from me to make our time together as comfortable and effective as possible.

The tutoring relationship we will develop is pivotal in ensuring you get the most out of every lesson. A healthy relationship between teacher and student is of fundamental importance to the learning process. I aim to pass on my enthusiasm for music, and believe that keeping up good energy and positive motivation is an essential part of learning. I have a great love for teaching and it feels quite natural to me. I aim to keep you smiling and in a positive state of mind.


Lessons are tailored to your individual needs. Some people work best with gentle motivation, whilst others (myself included) work better with assignments and deadlines! As we get to know each other, we will work out the kind of teaching style that suits you best.

All skill levels welcome – totally fine if you are a complete beginner!
Friendly, relaxed, flexible lessons that will teach you what you want to know and more.

  • Learn any musical style: Be it Blues, Funk, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Gospel or Electronic Music Genres, you will learn the ins-and-outs of music you already know and love, and be guided through new musical worlds.
  • Technique: Get your hands working together, discover fingering and timing exercises, receive posture advice, and learn about your instrument.
  • Ear training: Chord and scale recognition; learn how to teach yourself music by ear and hear what is going on in music.
  • Theory: Chord/scale relationships and how to use them for improvisation. Learn about harmonic progressions and what makes music sound good.
  • Musical/rhythmic awareness and general musicianship
  • Improvisation: Put it all together in order to create music, jam with others, and find an all-new freedom with your instrument.
  • Music production & composition: Be supported to make the music you want to create.


Instrument Lessons : Bass Guitar, Guitar, Double Bass
1 hour: $80
4-pack (4 lessons in 4 weeks): $250

Music Production Lessons
90 minutes: $120 (in-person) / $110 (online)
4-pack (4 lessons in 4 weeks): $440 (in-person) / $400 (online)

If you would like to study with a friend and save money, you are welcome to bring a friend of a similar skill level and share the lesson.
Each additional student is an extra 50%.
Learning alongside a friend can be very beneficial.
Get in touch to make it happen.


Location: Coburg North with callouts available in the local area for a small fee. Get in touch to find out more. Online lessons are via Zoom.

Availability: Most lessons are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons or evenings with some availability on Saturdays. However, I can be flexible and work with you to find a time that suits you best.

Frequency: I encourage weekly lessons so a routine, workflow, and goals can be established. This is important to ensure you are not wasting your time or limiting your possibilities. Becoming skilled on your instrument takes time, dedication and commitment – and it is all so very worthwhile once you start feeling the rush of progress!

Build your confidence

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