The music I create is decidedly non genre-specific – every time I sit down to compose a track, it’s an exploration of whatever wants to come. I love NEW music – and am fascinated by things I have never heard the likes of before. I believe that every person is essentially their own genre of creation – for we have each absorbed a unique lifetime of influences.

Currently I’m listening to: Future Bass and all realms of bass music, Trip-Hop, Chillwave, Dub, and anything that makes me go ‘wow’. I have been heavily inspired many artists through the years – notably the following: O.T.T., Bluetech, Bonobo, Electric Mantis, Desert Dwellers, Tipper, Odesza, Herzeloyde, Ekali, Taylor Mcferrin, The Cinematic Orchestra, and TOOL

A selection of my live electronic fingerdrumming performances can be found on the Live Videos page. Everything you hear has been created with Ableton Live 9.

You can also check out my creations on my actual Soundcloud and YouTube channels.

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