For students who have already completed the beginners course, or for those who feel their skills are ready for the challenge, the Advanced Course is available to help you move ahead with your creative journey.

Designed as a follow-on from the Beginners Course, the Advanced Course goes further in greater depth, taking you to the next level, and sees your production skills greatly enhanced and refined.

The Advanced Course runs intermittently based on expressions of interest.

2024 dates confirming soon!

Requirements: Students will need their own computer, quality wired headphones, a computer mouse and a working version of ABLETON LIVE 11 SUITE


Product Focused:

This course is focused towards producing TWO quality tracks throughout the duration. In this sense, we put our already established skills to focused creative use, and whilst continuing to learn powerful new skills, students are working towards a refined and completed product. This includes direct in-person 1:1 feedback and coaching in class to help you immediately refine your music during the creation process.

Weekly check ins:

Each student has the option of sending through their work for coaching mid-week, which includes a 10 minute phone call or email Q&A to answer any questions and provide direct feedback.

3 hour classes:

This longer format facilitates more hands-on, deeper learning, with smaller classes capped at 10 students also facilitating more 1:1 time between teacher and individual students.



This course is currently the most advanced Ableton Live course on offer in Australia – a comprehensive course that covers production, performance, and sound design techniques in Ableton Live, including:

Advanced Sampling:
  • Using Simpler and Sampler to trigger, layer and loop
  • Isolating basslines through granular synthesis in Sampler
  • Cutting and chopping in Simpler
  • Creating entire beats / tracks via creative manipulation of samples
  • Generating confidence in creating your own samples

Advanced Sound Design:

  • Creating powerful subs and basses
  • Complex layering and instrument rack design
  • Multi-band synths
  • Deep EQ, effects chains, and automation to create life in new instruments
  • Deeper exploration of using ‘space’ in music
Instrument Racks:
  • Macros + complex mapping
  • Macro Variations
  • Chain Selectors + creative instrument layering
  • Design of your own unique instruments 
  • Sample selection devices (eg snare selectors)
  • Slice to midi and creating drum racks from existing samples
Advanced Audio Effects:
  • Elaborated use of Sends/Returns
  • Further developing your own unique effects chains
  • ‘Space’ in music and exploring spatial effects: A key to bringing music to life
  • Multi-Band compression
  • Parallel compression
Advanced clip editing/launching:
  • Follow actions
  • Legato mode
  • Deeper clip envelope editing (creating effects progressions/mixer automation through clips)
  • Dummy clips
Advanced Mixing:
  • Advanced sidechain techniques
  • Exploration of frequency masking and how to clear space for clean mixes
  • Creative automation, demonstration of Max For Live devices
  • Understanding mastering chains
Performance in Ableton Live:
  • Preparing songs for live performance
  • Configuring effects racks for live performance use
  • Session/Arrangement hybrid performance
  • MIDI instrument control and innovation
  • How all of this can be very useful for composition and arrangement
  1. Requirements: Students will need their own computer, quality wired headphones, a computer mouse and a working version of ABLETON LIVE 11 SUITE

Course dates:

Tuesdays from 630-930pm starting Late April / Early May 2024

Price: $1295 for eight 3 hour sessions.

This course is currently the most advanced Ableton Live course currently on offer in Australia, and significantly more affordable and more robust than any other Ableton Live courses available in Melbourne – most of which retail for approx $1100 for 6 weeks at a beginner level.

This advanced level of Ableton Live training is currently not available anywhere else in Australia.

REFERRAL DISCOUNTS:  If you have a friend who would like to take part, and successfully registers – you get $50 cash back from your course fees.

DEPOSITS AND PAYMENT PLANS: Get in touch if you would like to make a deposit payment to secure your place, and arrange a payment plan

Use the registration form above, contact me via or 0449705424 to book your place in the next class

I also offer a free 30 minute consultation session if you would like to have an in-person chat about whether investing in Ableton Live is the right path for you and your music – feel free to get in touch and come visit me in my studio.

Be sure to investigate my art, for examples of the knowledge I can share with you.


Classes for the Advanced course will be held from THE SNED SHED, 4/36 Norfolk Court, Coburg North VIC 3058 

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