Every live SNED fingerdrumming performance is an improvised exploration of sound – a uniquely organic synthesis of the live and the electric – music that is created, produced and performed before your eyes in real time.

A complete re-imagining of physical hardware capabilities – brought to new life, as true instruments – and a showcase of entirely unique, limit-pushing controllerism. 

As a solo roving improvisational electronic finger drummer, SNED has spent many years taking to the streets of Melbourne exploring music through groove-driven sound journeys, live for the city’s eardrums.

The goal is is musical discovery without restraints or limits: grooves, samples, bass, synths, chords, melodic and percussive elements opened up live in an always original expression – free form improvisation taking place in the midst of song structures that are constantly re-imagined as they are allowed to grow anew each performance.

Forever listening for what the groove wants to become, no two sets are the same as musical tools and elements are continuously reconfigured between shows with a persistent motion towards fresh extrapolation.

The sound sourced from these fingertips takes it’s influences from the realms of hiphop, chillstep, dub, electro funk, neo-soul, jazz, and all realms of modern bass music.


Be sure to use headphones or good speakers to hear the bass and full dynamic range of sound! 😀


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