My lessons are skill training, artist development, and mentorship all in one.

I will: develop your knowledge of Ableton Live to a powerful level; motivate you with the confidence to create; help you identify and smash your creative blocks; help you set goals and take the right steps to achieve them; provide homework to ensure you are implementing new skills.

I am passionate about teaching and offer an informative, inspirational and hilarious time. The tutoring relationship can be a powerful thing – often a factor that can create breakthroughs in a producers’ life.

for 1:1 tuition, I offer 1.5 hour lessons, ensuring a decent amount of learning and production takes place. Homework and email contact Q&A provided between classes.

Prices:  $120 per 1.5 hours


  • A Bachelor degree qualified musician with over a decade of professional experience guiding your progression
  • Beat making: All the way from quick loops to full blown tracks, start to finish
  • How to master your interface: Tips to improve speed, workflow and stability
  • Music theory and Ear Training: Learn how to make your tracks truly MUSICAL
  • Sound Design: Create unique tones, patches and sounds – find your own signature sounds
  • Audio Editing and warping: make music out of anything
  • Equalisation and compression: Shape your creations and make them shine
  • Composition/structure/arrangement/songwriting coaching, advice, and demonstrations
  • Synthesis: Gain in depth control and move way beyond the presets
  • Layering: Gain an ear for complex layerings; learn how to set up deep soundscapes that sit well in the mix
  • Sampling and Resampling: Powerful tips and tricks for getting weird and wild
  • Mixing and mastering: How to get your tracks sounding FAT and LUSH
  • Performance in Ableton Live – Harnessing the power of Session View and controllers
  • Hardware MIDI mappings explained and explored
  • Midi: learn the language (it’s actually easy!) and speak it fluently
  • Fingerdrumming and advanced controllerism: SEE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Be sure to investigate my art, so you have an idea of what I am able to teach you 🙂


Software and audio equipment:

  • Ableton Suite 9
  • An abundance of samples/presets to share with you
  • M-Audio Monitors and sub
  • Presonus Audiobox/Focusrite Sapphire USB audio interfaces


  • Akai MPD218 (x4)
  • Akai APC 40
  • Akai MPK Mini MkII
  • Arturia Minilab
  • Novation SL-25 MkII
  • Alesis V61 keyboard
  • Various microphones, guitars, basses, and double bass, which are all available for recording in the studio


I teach 1:1 sessions from my studio space at 34 Robinson Road, Hawthorn

Connect with me via phone, email, or the form below and let’s get your creativity moving forward.



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