Ableton Live Training


Lesson Duration: 90 minutes

Private 1:1 Ableton Live training, in-person and online, with an experienced musician and producer with a bachelor degree in jazz. 90-minute lessons. Available in Coburg North or online and bulk discounts on 4-packs. Call outs available in local areas.

Learn about music production in Ableton Live from the ground up, workshop your existing songs, study sound design, preparing tracks for release, develop your live performance rig or focus on mixing. The options are limitless.

I will contact you after your purchase to arrange a suitable time and date.

8-week payment plan available – select the Wizit payment option at checkout


90 minute sessions provide enough time for considerable learning, significant breakthroughs in your knowledge every session, and hands-on experience of music production.

Perfect for recent graduates of the Ableton Live Beginners Course – private tuition is an excellent way to keep the ball rolling, and maintain momentum with your creations.

1:1 sessions can also focus on mixdown training, preparing tracks for release or I can mix your music and you can observe so as to learn first hand as the work is done.

Whether you are a complete beginner or highly experienced, private sessions are suitable for those seeking tailored training in a 1:1 environment.

  • Study with a bachelor degree qualified musician with over 15 years of of professional experience guiding your progression
  • Beat making: All the way from quick loops to full-blown tracks, start to finish
  • How to master your interface: Tips to improve speed, workflow, and stability
  • Music Theory and Ear Training: Learn how to make your tracks truly MUSICAL
  • Sound Design: Create unique tones, patches, and sounds – find your own signature sounds
  • Audio Editing and Warping: make music out of anything
  • Equalisation and compression: Shape your creations and make them shine
  • Composition/structure/arrangement/songwriting coaching, advice, and demonstrations
  • Synthesis: Gain in-depth control and move way beyond the presets
  • Layering: Gain an ear for complex layerings; learn how to set up deep soundscapes that sit well in the mix
  • Sampling and Resampling: Powerful tips and tricks for getting weird and wild
  • Mixing and mastering: How to get your tracks sounding FAT and LUSH
  • Performance in Ableton Live – Harnessing the power of Session View and controllers
  • Hardware MIDI mappings explained and explored
  • Midi: learn the language (it’s actually easy!) and speak it fluently
  • Finger drumming and advanced controllerism

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In-Person, Online


Single, 5 Pack, 4 Pack (4 lessons in 4 weeks)


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