SNED Sessions Coaching + Co-Working

Producers Coaching & Co-Working Sessions – A regular 6 hour drop-in style session where you can come and work on your tracks whilst receiving direct coaching & input from a professional electronic music production educator. 

An informal group class where people get time to focus on their own work, in the presence of an experienced tutor who can directly and immediately teach you what you want to know, providing instantaneous advice and direction for both your day’s work – and mentoring on your overall pathway as a musical creator.

Moving from student to student, your tutor will be available to work with you for multiple 1:1 sessions throughout the day – and will also provide the occasional group lesson when relevant and universally useful topics come up. In order to provide ample time for all, these sessions will be capped at 8 participants.

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Why co-working and group work environments are beneficial:

Co-working environments have been thoroughly researched and continuously prove time and time again to improve participants’ state of mind, general work satisfaction, feelings of productivity, confidence, ability to focus, and ability to complete tasks.

In a group environment, you are BOOKING IN YOUR TIME to come and specifically work on something important to you, and turning up with a motivating and driving PURPOSE behind you. This focused activity and feeling of purpose, felt by everybody in the room, tends to naturally and quite obviously create an environment geared towards productivity.

You will work faster, you will work smarter, you will get more done in less time, you will learn new and challenging things, and most importantly – during these sessions you will be much more likely to break through any walls of resistance or procrastination holding you back from making progress with your music.

Group work environments of course also provide great opportunities for networking, and in general tend to be a hilarious and enjoyable affair! Check out these great statistics on co-working – the numbers speak for themselves:


This favourable working environment, and this kind of direct coaching / creative input / critique and feedback on your work is incredibly effective – one of the most direct ways to further your knowledge & abilities whilst developing your tunes simultaneously.

Topics covered include… Practically anything you can imagine! Your tutor will be able to assist with and educate you on the following topics and more:

    • Techniques for beat making – both through audio and using MIDI
    • Musical awareness and ear training: how to make your music sound good
    • Simple but usable music theory that is easily understood by beginning musicians
    • Recording and audio editing, sampling and resampling
    • Session view/Arrangement View familiarity and understanding
    • An introduction to synthesis
    • Understanding and using MIDI, software instruments, MIDI effects, MIDI mapping, and using controllers creatively
    • Equalisation, compression and audio effects
    • Automation of effects, sends and returns, and instrument parameters
    • Composition, arrangement and songwriting
    • Workflow techniques – produce faster, easier, and more reliably
    • Performance in Ableton Live – Launching clips from Session View, and exporting stems for live performance
    • Mixing techniques, and exporting finished tracks

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    VENUE: The SNEDlab, Coburg North, VIC, Australia

    RATES: $90 for the 6 hour session. Usually 1:1 sessions with SNED go for $120 per 1.5 hours.

    Take advantage of the super affordable rates of these sessions, make the most of this super beneficial learning environment, and come get effectively creative.

    THESE CLASSES ARE CAPPED AT 8 PARTICIPANTS, AND USUALLY REACH CAPACITY – So it is recommended to book early and secure your place.

    As this is an informal session, please feel free to arrive at any point of the day. Earlybirds get all the worms tho!

    Please note: 

    • This event is not suitable absolute first-day beginners. While this is an educational event, a basic understanding of music production is required in order for effective coaching to be possible. This event is suitable for people already somewhat underway with producing their own music – in particular, previous graduates of the Ableton Live Beginners Course.
    • Course fees including deposits are non refundable and non transferable
    • This event requires a minimum number of participants to proceed. In the unlikely case of cancellation due to low numbers, your fees will be refunded
    • Location for group venues may be subject to late notice change. Classes will always be held at various venues on rotation within the inner-north suburbs, so please be sure that you are able to reach the following areas: Fitzroy/Northcote/Preston/Brunswick/Coburg/Thornbury

    Use the registration form above, make contact via or get in touch on 0449705424 to book your place in the next class

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