Juman x SNED – Freshly formed and flying forth into the world equipped with the means to do some serious loving business upon your hearts, minds and souls.

Exploding into action from the fiery sparks of a mutual musical crush that has been floating flirtatiously for some time, and now become a creative addiction that has taken over.

The sounds flowering forth from this musical meeting span across many realms: Driving electronic Soul-Hop grooves flowing across a lush dynamic soundscape; powerful groovacious vocals and live looping – spreading messages of love and liberation; fluent live electronic fingerdrumming and sound exploration, launching forth a stage show full of presence and outstretched loving arms.




Juman x SNED bring forward an electrifying live set, showcasing the cutting edge of electronic music production and performance. Two musical magicians dedicating their lives to the stage – a joyous shared presence, big vibes and huge smiles reflecting a loving friendship – a clearly visible connection lighting up the dance floor, and extending an invitation to join in the wonder.

Chilling in the SNEDlab, May 2017

The mission: Creating a vibe and a space made to inspire; lifting us all up towards our greatest creative freedoms, personal expression, and truth. 

Check out our demo tracks below – enjoy 🙂

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