I’m getting excited to begin our course and am looking forward to meeting those of you that I have not already.

We have a fantastic 8 weeks of learning ahead of us! And I can’t wait to see you all grow comfortable with making music through the use of this amazing tool.

You are going to LOVE this course, and you will be surprised at the depth of music production understanding you’re going to walk away with.

Some final reminders and requests before we begin:

Please arrive 15 minutes early at 6:45pm each session to get set up and comfortable in the space.
It is important that all students have laptops set up and ready to go for a timely start each evening, to ensure we make it through each week’s topics. This course is jam packed with content, and in order to successfully make it through everything without rushing, starting on time is necessary. We will be starting at 7:05pm sharp each week. Thank you!

Be sure to arrive with your version of Ableton Live installed, running, and ready to go for week 1.
The software comes in four versions: Lite, Intro, Standard, and Suite. If you are able to get a copy of Suite, that is ideal! This will equip you with all the tools you need for your ongoing musical adventure for years to come. The course is designed to be suitable for all versions. The Standard edition is a good middle ground. If you are not set up yet and still considering purchasing, Ableton offers a free 30 day trial of the fully featured Suite version. You can purchase or access a free trial via the links below.

Bring a pair of headphones, and a computer mouse.
Wired headphones are required, and Bluetooth headphones are unsuitable. Using a mouse with Ableton Live is important, and will make your learning process much easier. It’s much more comfortable than using the trackpad!

Please add john@snedmusic.com to your email contacts.
After each class, I will be sending out weekly follow-up emails recapping the topics we have covered, and links to YouTube tutorials that will help your studies. Because these are group emails, Google sometimes thinks they are spam! Adding me as a contact will help prevent these emails landing in spam.

Below is a link to a sample pack, and an instructional video on getting this set up within Ableton Live – Please make sure you get this downloaded and set up before arriving at our first session, in order to not hold up the class.
Please ensure your samples are saved on the actual hard drive of your computer, and, importantly, not in a cloud service such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.


This sample pack is hand-picked to support topics covered in class – having a quality collection of samples gives us more options with which to begin learning about music production, and helps our creations sound great right from the start.

Download the .zip file, place it in a folder suitable to store your samples, and extract the contents here.

Once you’ve got it extracted, you’ll be able to add it to the ‘Places’ quick access area in the Ableton Live browser.

I’ve made an instructional video, and Google can teach you more about extracting files if needed.

Please make sure this is set up before week 1, as we won’t have time in-session to get this prepared.

Let's make some music!

Feel free to contact me on 0449 705 424 if you need any help or have any questions before class.


Our classes will be taking place in Preston at Donald St. Community Hall.

Address: 18 Donald St, Preston VIC 3072

Parking: There is plentiful parking directly beside our venue.

Donald Street Venue - Ableton Live Courses + Training | SNED Music

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